Media Arts

The introduction of a Media Arts Program in 2021 has enabled students to delve into another form of art. Students from Foundation – Year 6 participate in weekly media arts classes where they explore different forms of media, concepts and technologies.
This program is built around key 21st century competencies taught at the school including creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, character and citizenship.
Using both traditional and digital resources, students learn to plan, develop, create and refine their different media products. Students experience media forms including moving image, print media, audio, still image and digital media. The school’s existing 1:1 iPad program is supplemented by a range of other resources, for example, our Green Screen, which brings student media products to life! While creating, students also explore a range of media literacy concepts encouraging them to critically think about the 21st century world we live in and how they can contribute to society as upstanding global digital citizens.