Visual Arts

In this area of our Arts Program, there are two specific aspects that students will experience through their particular levels and units of work.

1. Creating and Making, and
2. Exploring and Responding.

All students from Foundation to Year 6 take part in the Creating and Making process. This deals with investigating new experiences, new media and expressing themselves freely. They discover how a diverse range of media may be used individually, and they observe changes when combined with others.

Students in Years 3 to 6 actively explore and respond. This process involves extending the thinking and application skills of the senior students, often looking deeper into art practices, applying an artist’s style to their own creative ideas, and choosing an appropriate medium in which to present it. Art appreciation is also covered, comparing works of a variety of artists and analysing the similarities, differences and genres.

All students are encouraged to assess their own work, both informally and in written form, throughout the course of a lesson or a project. For Foundation students this is often with an appropriate facial expression. For our senior students, assessments are more structured and detailed and often include the use of rubrics.